Optimise yourself and you’ll optimise your riding!

Perfectly situated in the heart of the horse-racing capital of the world, therapy tailored specifically for riders is now uniquely available with a specialist at PhysiOptima. Our resident massage therapist, Melissa Castiel, has been a rider all her life. She understands that the connection between horse and rider, whether at top level competition, racing, or as a hobby, is crucial to a content and willing partnership. This is translated through a rider’s body in every muscle used and is one of the most key components to keeping both the rider and horse supple, fit and effective.

Your horse’s body reflects what’s happening in yours

In her therapy sessions, Melissa uses a combination of massage techniques with a specialist knowledge of riders, combined with a unique intuitive approach. She listens to “what the body needs”, from head to toe, focusing on the areas she identifies have contributed to riding issues. Adults and children are treated alike.


All my ponies and horses have always jumped to the right and we’ve never been able to sort it! I had treatment with Melissa on the Friday and on the Sunday we went off to a show and I was straight to every fence and have been ever since! My horse is a lot more balanced and straight on the flat too. Highly recommend.

Ella Ashford, Bury St Edmunds, Showjumping Young Rider