How does YOUR posture affect YOUR horse…

When I ask my riders what they are experiencing with their horses and what challenges they are facing, the vast majority of them usually prioritise the well-being of their horse above themselves. I have been a rider myself all of my life so I know just how true this is. When we experience issues with […]

Do only Golfers get “Golfer’s Elbow”?

Due to its name, a lot of people think that you need to play golf to get this injury. However, this isn’t true and it can be a common type of elbow pain regardless of whether you play golf or not.   What is Golfer’s Elbow?   The medical term for Golfer’s Elbow is Medial […]

Advice for Plantar Fasciitis or Plantar Heel Pain (PHP)

Having pain in your foot can be very hard to get away from or relieve since we spend so much time on our feet. If you have developed pain in the arch of your foot or in your heel it may be a condition called “Plantar fasciitis” or “Plantar Heel Pain” (PHP). As a physiotherapist […]

Best advice for an acute injury – PRICE

If you have just injured yourself badly, either through a fall, a sport or just twisting an ankle while walking, you will know! You will have experienced an immediate onset of pain, possibly with swelling in the area, and difficulty weight-bearing or moving. Most often, these injuries are not serious and involve soft tissue, such […]