Specialist Physiotherapy for Mums-to-Be and Mums.

Whether you’re pregnant, or have just had a baby, your body needs attention too and may need some help coping with all of the changes it’s going through. We can help reduce back or pelvic pain with a range of treatments, all safe for you and your baby. If you have diastasis rectus abdominus (a separation of the abdominals) or symphysis pubic dysfunction (SPD), you may be having difficulty doing simple things like lifting your baby, or even simply walking without pain.

Get back to your pre-baby self!

Your physiotherapist can teach you very specific abdominal and pelvic floor exercises that can help get you back to normal. You may also need some manual therapy to help re-align your pelvis or mobilise your spine. Pilates classes have also been shown to be very effective before and after pregnancy in helping restore strength to key muscles.