Helping you heal at home.

Physiotherapy in your home can help you regain your strength, balance and mobility after an illness, injury or operation. We can help you get back on your feet and assess your function in your own home, looking at how you do on stairs, with carpets, and getting in and out of the bathroom. The personal nature of such a visit can be very useful in returning you to independent living.

Regain your independence.

Your physiotherapist will identify areas to work on together and will design a customised home exercise programme. We will also give advice on mobility devices, and equipment for the home, such as handrails, shower chairs, and reaching aids. If desired, we can also educate family members in how to help you recover.

Tom was great helping me with my painful hand and wrist. His investigation was spot on and the advice and exercises he gave me have done wonders. I am really functioning without pain now, and am probably about 80% back to where I need to be. With continued exercise as per Tom’s advice I’m confident of getting a 100% recovery!

Rob Brines, Foxton, Rock Climber