Helping you heal faster.

Physiotherapists may use some electrotherapy as part of your treatment to help injured tissues heal faster. When an injury occurs, the body’s natural response is to increase blood flow to the area and it may become inflamed, swollen and painful. Electrotherapy can help reduce the inflammation and pain.

Stimulating the body’s own healing process.

The application of ultrasound, interferential or TENS may be recommended by your physiotherapist. These aren’t painful and can help speed up the healing process and break down or prevent scar tissue build-up. If your injury is more chronic, these treatments will help to “jump start” your body into repairing itself.

Tom was great helping me with my painful hand and wrist. His investigation was spot on and the advice and exercises he gave me have done wonders. I am really functioning without pain now, and am probably about 80% back to where I need to be. With continued exercise as per Tom’s advice I’m confident of getting a 100% recovery!

Rob Brines, Foxton, Rock Climber