When your feet hit the ground, everything changes!


Poor foot and ankle posture can often be the source of pain felt in the foot & ankle, knee, hip, and even your back! But our biomechanics expert, Kristin Giussani, can determine the source of your pain and treat it with orthotics.

What are biomechanics and orthotics?

A biomechanics assessment involves an in-depth measurement of the alignment of your feet and lower limbs, plus a casting of your feet to determine how this is affecting your symptoms. Then a bespoke pair of orthotics (insoles) are prescribed to address your lower limb malalignments. These orthotics fit into your shoes to improve your foot’s function.


Optimise your life or sport by correcting your posture from the ground up. With orthotics, you will not only find it eliminates your pain for good, but can also improve performance times and efficiency in a variety of sports.