Relieving Pain. Restoring Movement.

Manual therapy refers to any ‘hands-on’ technique that a physiotherapist may use to help relieve your pain and/or get a stiff area moving again. This can involve mobilisations or manipulations to a joint, and the amount of force used can range from gentle with small oscillations to a manipulation, where you may experience a crack or popping sensation. It may also involve traction, muscle energy techniques, myofascial release, and specific soft tissue mobilisation (SSTM).

Manual therapy with a difference.

The technique chosen will be determined during your thorough one hour initial assessment visit. In addition to the manual therapy treatment we’ll identify the cause of your pain or stiffness and prescribe exercises for you to do at home.We’ll also, give you postural advice to use in your daily life, to prevent the area from getting stiff or painful again. This combined approach differs from other disciplines that often fail to relieve your symptoms long-term because only one treatment approach has been applied.