Pain relief. Relaxation. Mobilisation.

In massage, we use our hands to create an effect, or changes, within the soft tissues. It can be used to reduce muscle spasm, get stiff joints moving better, stretch tight tissues, and re-align your body. It’s helpful for relaxation, reducing anxiety or stress, as part of your treatment or as a maintenance regime for optimum health. It can even sort sleeping difficulties, recurring headaches and dizziness. Age has no limit- we treat children and older people alike, as well as pregnant women after their first three months.

Feel your best. Optimise your life.

During a massage session, a combination of techniques will be used based on each individual’s needs. Because we are a team, close collaboration occurs between physiotherapists, pilates instructors and massage therapists to ensure you are receiving a united and cohesive treatment approach. We feedback to each other about your care, so as to enhance every treatment. A session may include remedial and injury therapy, holistic/Swedish massage, sports massage, or deep tissue massage. Physiotherapists may also use massage techniques including trigger point release, myofascial release, and Specific Soft Tissue Mobilisations (SSTM).