Specialist physiotherapy to help you regain your quality of life.

Many people suffer and live with dizziness unnecessarily – but treatment is available. Book in with our physiotherapist who specialises in Vestibular Rehabilitation. At your first visit, she’ll take a full history from you on how your symptoms began. Then there are a number of simple tests she can do in our clinic which can help determine the source or cause of your dizziness.

Treatments we can offer.

Sometimes it is a condition called BPPV (Benign Paraoxysmal Positional Vertigo), which is easily detected by a specific test and a “ manoeuvre” can be performed which can produce amazing results after just one treatment. Other times you may have some residual symptoms, called MPD (Motion-Provoked Dizziness) which respond very well to vestibular exercises which your physiotherapist will prescribe. We can also assess your neck and breathing pattern which may be at play. And if we have any concerns, we will send you for further investigations.