Head posture- Is the orange in your lap?

How we hold our head on a day-to-day basis, whether at work or at home can greatly impact our posture- both short term and long term. A bad head posture with the head drawn forward is what a lot of us find ourselves doing as we peer into our computer screens, phones, whilst driving, cycling […]

Exercise AT your desk!

We all know the importance of exercise. But how many of us are stuck behind a desk most of our working week, peering into a screen, typing away, talking on the phone- sometimes for hours at a time- and never really move out of one posture all day!   We don’t think about it while […]

Desk Posture Getting to You?

Just because you’re sat at a desk all day, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t move! The forward slouchy posture of modern life- desk jobs, slumped over screens, driving cars, even riding bicycles- all encourage flexion or forward leaning spinal postures. We have lost our work and leisure activities of the past that used those important back […]

Roll in New Year with Good Health!

Spinal Roll Down: Stand tall and slowly peel downward from the top of your head, bringing your chin to your chest first, then rounding your shoulders, then rounding through your mid-back, then through your lower back and finally tipping your pelvis forward as you reach to the floor with your fingers. Imagine your spine like […]

Dumb Waiter or Smart One?

The Dumb Waiter: a smart Pilates exercise that helps open up the chest and improve shoulder rotation. It also encourages good shoulder blade placement and posture.   Stand tall and place both hands palm up in front of you with elbows bent to 90 degrees. Keeping elbows locked in by your sides, and shoulder blades […]

Boost those Glutes!

The ever popular Pilates Clam exercise- if done properly, it isolates the gluteus medius muscle in particular which is essential for pelvic and hip stability. Lie on your side with the hips stacked and hips bent at 45 degrees. Imagine a “cup of tea’ perched on the top of your pelvis. Gently lift the top […]

Battling the Slouch!

Back Extension Exercise: Counteract those slouchy postures- such as desk work, gardening or driving- with this stretch into extension to help ease any postural strain or pain. Easily done anywhere, aim to do 10-15 repetitions for every half hour you are sitting, bending, or in slouched postures.    

Physiotherapy- The Most Effective Way to Treat Whiplash

A whiplash injury is a non-medical term describing an injury caused by a sudden movement of the head forwards, backwards or sideways. It is most commonly associated with a road traffic accident, but can occur in any number of situations such as falls, trampolining, rugby or similar contact sport, or being struck by an object […]

Busting Myths on Children’s Sports Injuries

Myth Busting on Children’s Sports Injuries As September sees that start of a new school year, this also means a return to sports for many children after what might have been a long break from their usual sporting activities. Over the summer break I’ve had several enquiries from mums and dads about their children’s complaints […]

Back Away from Pain in Golf

Any golfer  understands the frustration of being ready to tee off with that nagging worry in the back of their mind about whether their back is going to play ball too! Back problems are the number one injury in many golfers and can often keep players away from the game they love.   During the […]