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Back Away from Pain in Golf

Any golfer  understands the frustration of being ready to tee off with that nagging worry in the back of their mind about whether their back is going to play ball too! Back problems are the number one injury in many golfers and can often keep players away from the game they love.


During the golf swing, there are a number of movement forces running through the lumbar spine. These forces, in combination with poor posture, weak core muscles and other existing injuries, can cause damage to the lumbar spine and surrounding muscles. This often results in pain and weakness though the back area, inability to perform a good golf swing, problems bending down to pick up the ball and the potential to make the 18-hole walk a gruelling experience!


 Seeking treatment and advice from an experienced physiotherapist is the best way to resolve these problems. An assessment will be carried out to identify any areas of muscle weakness, stiff joints, tight muscles, nerve tissue mobility issues and compensation elsewhere in the body. Our in-house golf- specialist physiotherapist will undertake a golf specific screening to identify what is affecting the golf swing, advise on the proper posture for the best golf stance and prescribe golf specific exercises to protect and prepare the lower back and the body for golf. Hands on, manual techniques may also be used to improve any joint stiffness or muscle tightness.


To regain your golfing stance and take the pain from your swing, contact PhysiOptima. We’re there to get you back in the zone, knowing that your back is in peak condition!


Therese Viljoen, Golf Specialist Physiotherapist



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