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Help – My Neck Has Seized Up!

If you are experiencing neck pain, you will know that it’s very hard to cope with – it not only affects your quality of life, but can disrupt your sleep, affect your moods and generally wear you down.


Acute neck pain can be caused by a number of things: from simply sleeping awkwardly, sitting in prolonged poor postures, locking up from a knock in Rugby or another sport that has left you wincing. Whatever the cause, physiotherapy can help many people recover and regain their normal lives.


A thorough physiotherapy assessment will determine which structures in your neck are the cause of your pain or discomfort. This will be followed by treatment with a focus on relieving the pain in those structures, and in identifying why those structures were painful in the first place. The pain may be coming from:

-the muscles

-the ligaments

-the joints

-the discs

-the nerves

-or several of the above


What can we do to help relieve your pain?


After identifying which structures are at play, we use a dual approach at PhysiOptima to get you back on the road to full recovery: relieving the acute pain immediately AND identifying what caused it in the first place so you can prevent future recurrence.


We may use manual therapy techniques to relieve muscle spasm, stretch tight structures, restore normal movement to the joints, and off-load discs and nerves where indicated. We’ll also look at your posture and the positions you tend to be in at work (or in your hobbies) and how this is impacting the problem. We will discuss your sleeping posture and the impact this might be having on you, and give advice in all areas as to what positions you should adopt for optimal relief and future prevention of the problem.


Finally, we will identify structures that are tight, and those that are weak, and prescribe individualised exercises for you to do on your own.


For immediate pain relief, and in addition to hands-on therapy, our treatments may include any combination of strapping (taping), acupuncture, electrotherapy, or use of hot/cold pads.


You CAN control your neck pain with our help. At PhysiOptima we are committed to helping you regain, maintain and optimise your life.


Any questions, do not hesitate to contact one of the PhysiOptima team.



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