Specialist treatment for the Pelvis.

For women, pregnancy is very demanding on the body and you may be suffering with aches or pains during or afterwards. You may experience pain in the pelvis or sacroiliac joint , groin area, low back, hips, or front of the pelvis (Pelvic Girdle Pain PGP). We can help you with treatments that target these areas and our sound understanding of how pregnancy has affected it.

For both men and women, malalignments in the pelvis can cause pain in the pelvis, low back, groin and hips. This can be effectively treated by using manual therapy techniques or mobilisations to re-align the pelvis and then teach you stabilising exercises to strengthen and reinforce this correct alignment and posture.

Don’t suffer in silence – men and women can be affected.

Women are more likely than men to suffer from stress urinary incontinence because of childbirth and menopause, but men can suffer too. Many find these issues very sensitive, and difficult to discuss, but it’s a common condition and one that a specialist in pelvic health physiotherapy can help resolve. We are here to help you deal with a range of problems. This service is currently unavailable due to our Pelvic Health Specialist being on research sabbatical leave.




Pelvic malalignments and pain

Pregnancy Related Pelvic and Back Pain

Chronic Pelvic Pain

PGP-  Pelvic Girdle Pain

Weak bladder or bowel

Stress Incontinence

Bladder urgency
Vaginal Prolapse

Painful Intercourse





Manual Therapy

Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercises

Bladder training

Lifestyle Advice
Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation
Dietary / Bowel Advice