Optimal care for your elbow.

With a significant number of people in desk jobs using a mouse or keyboard daily, it isn’t just tennis players or golfers suffering with elbow pain anymore. The term “Repetitive Strain Injury” (RSI) can be used with any elbow pain that is brought on on by a repetitive movement or posture. The good news is that targeted treatment by our expert physiotherapists can resolve your aches and pains.

How we can help.

The elbow responds well to local physiotherapy and that includes treatments such as ultrasound, mobilisations, massage, acupuncture, strapping, stretches and prescriptive strengthening exercises. Sometimes, the elbow pain actually stems from the neck and we will always assess these other areas as well to really make sure we’re getting to the root of the cause, not just making the pain go away with a chance of recurrence.

Why us?

We’ll give you ergonomic advice about your work environment or how to return to sport safely without causing further injury. A lot of elbow problems stem from an underlying “core strength” issue around the shoulder blade and a referral to our on-site Pilates classes may be helpful. If you do however have golfer’s elbow, we have a Golf Physiotherapy Specialist who can analyse your golf swing for contributing technique problems.

Common elbow pain causes:

Muscle strains
Tennis elbow
Golfer’s elbow
RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury)
Sports Injuries
Referred from Neck (but felt in the elbow)

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