Regain. Maintain. Optimise your sport.

Our motto with sports injuries is, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” You may be suffering from an acute sports injury where you felt something “go” or “pop” and now you’ve been left with pain, swelling, and difficulty moving. Or you may have a recurring chronic injury or one that has been worsening gradually that is more likely due to overuse. Whatever the reason, we believe no problem is too big for us to solve. We will help you get back to your sport quickly and safely.

How we can help.

At your first visit, we will do a full hour assessment and begin to treat your injury with any combination of hands-on manual therapy (massage, mobilisations, manipulations), ultrasound, strapping and advise you on stretches and exercises you can do at home. Since we are keen to help you not only regain your quality of life, but MAINTAIN it, we will also identify what has caused your problem in the first place. This may involve an in-depth analysis of your gait (gait analysis on treadmill), your training frequency and technique (in sports), and your footwear. If appropriate, you will be referred to our in-house biomechanics foot expert for a full biomechanical assessment and custom-made foot orthotics.

Why us?

Physiotherapists are experts in exercise prescription and progression, so no one is better suited to guaranteeing optimal return to sport than us. Kristin Giussani was the Lead Practitioner of the Cambridge Sports & Exercise Medicine Unit and Peter Wilson Sports Injury Clinic at Addenbrooke’s for 8 years, and she has personally treated over 100 different types of sports, and thousands of different sports injuries. Therese Viljoen has done international specialist Golf Physiotherapy coursework giving her in-depth knowledge of golf injuries. Chances are they have seen your injury before. In addition, our therapists have worked with University Rugby teams and clubs, golf clubs, done research into shoulder injuries, and treated athletes from the amateur to the elite level. Melissa Castiel, our in-house massage therapist, is an expert in equine sports. And with a biomechanics expert on our team, we will not only relieve your pain but identify the malalignments that may have led to your pain, particularly in recurring conditions. Because we are enthusiastic about sports ourselves, we will do everything we can to get you back safely and swiftly to your sport and with optimal performance.

Common sports injuries:

Traumatic or recurrent ankle sprains (rolling over)
Joint or ligament sprains
Joint Disclocations or Subluxations
Muscle strains
Knee pain
ITB Syndrome
Tendon problems
Shin splints
Plantar fasciitis or heel pain

We are

Motivated. Compassionate. Dedicated.