Optimise your shoulder’s function.

The shoulder is the one joint in the body which has the most amount of movement and often large load demands placed on it, so it isn’t any surprise that it can be a source of pain for many. Your shoulder may have suffered a traumatic event, such as a car accident or fall, or it may be ‘complaining’ from repetitive movements or carrying heavy loads. We’re experts in diagnosing and treating a wide range of shoulder conditions and have close relations with shoulder consultant doctors should we feel you require a surgical referral.

How we can help.

Because it’s largely a muscular joint, your shoulder relies heavily on muscular control to keep all of the structures happy. A thorough assessment at your first visit with us is essential so that we can target your treatment approach to address your faulty movement patterns and focus on the specific structures involved. Sometimes, shoulder pain is referred from the neck and we’ll identify if this is the case. We’ll perform a number of tests to come to an accurate diagnosis for your problem shoulder.

Why us?

As Physiotherapists, we specialise in “movement dysfunction” which means we are the ideal clinicians to help you restore normal shoulder movement without pain. We’ll use a number of techniques to tailor-make your treatment including: strapping, acupuncture, muscle strengthening, stretches, ultrasound, joint mobilisations, massage, and postural education.

Common shoulder pain causes:

Muscle strains
Frozen Shoulder
Impingement syndrome
Post-Surgical Rehabilitation
Sports Injuries
Referred from Neck (but felt in the shoulder)

We are

Motivated. Compassionate. Dedicated.