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The knee is a common source of problems because it’s one of your body’s hardest working joints – constantly reacting to changes from the hip down and from the foot up. Knee pain may be caused by a sudden movement or traumatic fall, or it may be from overuse in a particular activity or sport. You may be experiencing swelling, locking, grinding or even ‘giving way’ symptoms.

How we can help.

At your first visit, we allow a full hour so that we can gain a full understanding of the mechanism of your injury. We’ll perform a clinical knee examination where we will be able to pinpoint the exact structures involved so that we can tailor-make your treatment sessions accordingly. These treatments may include manual therapy, mobilisations, strapping, prescriptive exercises, ultrasound, biomechanical treatment or foot insoles (orthotics).

Why us?

With a biomechanics expert on our team, we will not only do the standard knee examination, but we also have an in-depth knowledge of how the foot and ankle, knee and hip all interact biomechanically, and this is often over-looked or not even identified in many standard knee examinations. The foot and ankle posture (biomechanics) can greatly influence the knee and may be the underlying feature preventing your knee from getting better and staying better. As experts it’s our job to help you prevent the acute from becoming chronic.

Common knee pain causes:

Sports Injuries
Patello-femoral syndrome (anterior knee pain)
Meniscal tears
Ligament sprains (MCL, LCL, ACL)
ITB syndrome
Muscle strains
Pre and Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

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