Leave your foot and ankle pain behind you.

Did you know the average person walks 12,000 steps per day? So it’s no wonder that our feet and ankles take the strain of our every day activities! If you are suffering with foot or ankle pain, you will know that it’s hard to ignore and difficult to relieve since we spend so much time on our feet. You may have an aching in the ball of the foot, tingling in the toes, pain in the ankle, feelings of ankle instability, or even limping when walking. Or it may be that you can’t perform your sport at the level you wish to because your foot or ankle problem is holding you back.

How we can help.

After we have done our full one hour assessment at your first visit, we’ll begin to treat your pain with any combination of hands-on manual therapy (massage, mobilisations, manipulations), ultrasound, strapping and advise you on stretches and exercises you can do at home. Since we are keen to help you not only regain your quality of life, but MAINTAIN it, we will also identify what has caused your problem in the first place. This will involve an in-depth analysis of your gait (gait analysis on treadmill), we may assess your training frequency and technique (in sports), and we’ll certainly look at your footwear. If appropriate, you will be referred to our in-house biomechanics foot expert for a full biomechanical assessment and custom-made foot orthotics.

Why us?

With a biomechanics expert on our team, we will undertake a thorough foot & ankle examination, and because we have in-depth, specialist knowledge of how the foot and ankle, (and their malalignments) can often be the cause of your pain, particularly in recurring conditions, we can identify what’s going wrong, and why…and fix it. Because we are enthusiastic about sports ourselves, we will do everything we can to get you back safely and swiftly to your sport or to your daily life without pain.


As experts it’s our job to help you prevent the acute from becoming chronic.

Common foot & ankle pain causes:

Sports Injuries
Traumatic or recurrent ankle sprains (rolling over)
Fractures and complications later
Achilles tendinopathy / tenodonitis
Plantar fasciitis or Plantar Heel Pain (PHP)
Corns and callouses
Muscle strains
Pre and Post-Surgical Rehabilitation
Referred pain (felt in the foot/ankle but coming from back/sciatic nerve)

We are

Motivated. Compassionate. Dedicated.