Get your life back. Put your surgery behind you.

If you’ve had an injury or condition that requires surgery, you will be eager to put it all behind you and move forwards to a brighter future. Evidence shows that recovery post-op is quicker if you have pre-op physiotherapy. And sometimes surgery alone is not enough – treatment post-op prevents complications of surgery and helps you regain best function.

How we can help.

If you come to us pre-op, it’s likely that you have been de-conditioned by your injury. We’ll help to get you as strong as possible before your surgery. Post-operatively, we’ll guide you through your rehabilitation with a combination of hands-on manual therapy to restore movement to stiff areas, and prescriptive exercises to return you to normal movement again.

Why us?

We work very closely with a large number of doctor specialists and consultants who have worked with us for years, so you can feel confident and safe in the knowledge that we know exactly what you need pre and post-op. And you can be assured that we maintain direct communication with your surgeon at all times.

Common surgeries we see: (not inclusive)

Subacromial shoulder de-compressions
Shoulder stabilisations post-dislocation
Spinal Surgeries
Hip Labral Repairs
Total Hip Replacements
Total Knee Replacements
ACL Reconstructions
Ankle reconstructions/stabilisations
Various foot surgeries / bunion ops

We are

Motivated. Compassionate. Dedicated.