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The pelvis is considered the “cornerstone” of the body. It has to hold up your spine, as well as coordinate your legs through your hip joints. The sacroiiac joints at the back of the pelvis can often be stiff or have too much movement, and be “out of alignment”. This can be caused by a fall, from pregnancy, postural problems, or even a sport. Either way, it can be the source of a lot of pain and make it very difficult to walk, turn in bed or even get in or out of a car. You may feel pain over the low back or sacroiliac joints, or even into the groin or radiating as far as the knee.

How we can help.

We use various hands-on techniques to help relieve your pain as well as identifying what caused it in the first place. We’re experts in diagnosis, as well as treatment, which is why we allow a full hour for your first visit to perform an extensive examination. By identifying the specific structures involved, and investigating what malalignments caused your pelvic pain, we can target our treatments more effectively. Not only will we relieve your current symptoms but we will prevent them from coming back again.

Why us?

Firstly, we’ll alleviate your pain with manual therapy, massage, mobilisations or manipulations which will help to realign your pelvis and restore movement into stiff regions. Secondly, and more importantly, we will prescribe self-mobilisations, stretches and specific exercises to help your pelvis stay in this optimal position. We can also offer you on-site Pilates classes which are a useful progression after treatment ends for strengthening and improving your core strength and which has been shown in research to help stabilise the pelvis and prevent recurrence of pain.

Common sacroiliac and pelvic pain causes:

Muscle strains
Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction/Sprain
Piriformis Syndrome
Pregnancy & Labour
Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD)
Postural habits

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