Regain your Life – get your golf swing back.

Many people are often surprised that playing golf requires a large amount of movement of the body at high speeds. It also consists of powerful movements that need to be repeated over and over again. All areas of your body can be affected but the most common areas are low back, elbow and shoulder.


Golfing injuries are very common and research has shown that two thirds of golfers will suffer golf-related injuries or pain at some point. This can have a huge impact on your quality of life as it becomes difficult to do the leisure activity that you enjoy and play the game you love.

How we can help.

We’ll carry out a thorough examination on your first visit to identify the cause of the problem and we’ll structure the right treatment aimed at getting you back to playing golf again.


We have a physiotherapist on our team with in-depth knowledge on golf fitness and injuries and treatments are tailored specifically to golf so that you can regain, maintain and control your game and be fit for a round.

Why us?

With our in-house golf physio expert, Therese Viljoen, we’re able to identify the specific cause of the problem. The treatment will then follow a combined approach of manual therapy, massage, mobilisations, acupuncture or strapping and golf advice and exercise prescription.


This will not only help you to get back to the golf course but also to prevent the occurrence of more injuries so that you can get back to playing the game you love.

Common Golf Injuries:

Back pain
Tennis elbow
Wrist tendonopathies
Shoulder rotator cuff injuries
Shoulder impingement
Patellofemoral knee pain
Golfers elbow
Neck pain
Sacroiliac joint pain

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