Regain your quality of life and take control.

If you’re suffering with nerve pain, you know it can be very draining and tiring. It’s often worse at night so you may not be sleeping well. Nerve pain can range from sharp and piercing to aching or nagging. Or it may even be difficult to describe, with common complaints of “heaviness”, “cramping”, “weakness”, or “tingling”.

How we can help.

We will thoroughly assess you at your first visit with us, and may use manual therapy to help relieve your symptoms. We may give you postural advice, discuss your work environment (ergonomics), and give you stretches or strengthening exercises to help you get better. Strapping may be applied for support and to reduce muscle spasm. Acupuncture is available and very effective with nerve pain.

Why us?

We’ll listen carefully to your history, and “get to the bottom” of why you have the pain. Many patients have commented after their first session with us, “I don’t know why I didn’t come sooner!” You’re likely to leave our clinic feeling relieved and moving better, possibly better than you have in years! And our dual treatment approach means that not only will we treat the symptom but we’ll have identified the cause and prescribed the best way for you to avoid future recurrence.

Common nerve pain causes:

Trapped nerve
Disc bulges (prolapse)
Facet Joint problems
RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury)
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

We are

Motivated. Compassionate. Dedicated.