Regain your quality of life. You don’t have to live with a headache.

Take back control. Many people suffer headaches regularly sometimes for years. It may affect your ability to work and concentrate properly. It may even be affecting your mood or your relationships and general well-being.. The good news is that, although it can have a negative impact on your quality of life, headaches can often originate in the neck (cervical spine) and can be relieved with physiotherapy.

How we can help.

We use various hands-on techniques to help relieve your headache as well as identifying why you developed the pain in the first place. We’re experts in diagnosis, as well as treatment, which is why we allow a full hour for your first visit to perform an extensive examination. In addition to manual therapy, we will give you postural advice and exercises, and make recommendations on your how you should sit at home or work as this may be causing your headaches. We can also help with relaxation or breathing exercises which have been proven to alleviate headaches. On-site Pilates is available for those who may benefit.

Why us?

It’s simple – we care. There’s nothing worse than a persistent, nagging headache and in our many years of treating patients, we have seen the positive results of physiotherapy treatment. Nothing makes us happier than seeing you smile again knowing that your headache is gone for good.

Common headaches causes:

Neck problems (cervical spine)
Hyperventilation syndrome
Poor workplace ergonomics
Muscle strains
Ligament sprains

We are

Motivated. Compassionate. Dedicated.